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Marine Fresh Bangladesh

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About :
Online seafood and shrimp Wholesaler, supplier and exporter. We offer Shrimp, prawn, Fresh Shrimp, Seafood, Frozen Shrimp and Fish, Boil frozen shrimp from Bangladesh. Contact us for Fresh, Fresh Frozen, Boiled and Cooked Shrimp & seafood price and delivery........
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HOSO, HLSO, PUD, P&D, PDTO, Cooked, CPDTO, Easy Peel, Skweweer and Others as Customers Requier

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New Shrimp Season ... 2013

boil frozen shrimp Full Moon Landing is start here for season first BT .... April 13, 2013

Shrimp Suppliers in Bangladesh Black Tiger shrimp's season is going to start here ...April 13, 2013

Shrimp in Bangladesh Harina/Gray shrimp's season is going to start here ...April 13, 2013

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Marine Fresh Bangladesh
Khan Chember(1st floor)
6, Old Jessore Road
Khulna-9100, Bangladesh
br/> +88 041 721118(Tel);
+88 041 721810(Fax);
Left hand side of Prime Bank