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Marine Fresh Bangladesh

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About :
We wholesale Fresh Sea Fish, shellfish and fresh seafood. Bangladesh Export Frozen sea fish is more fresh and rich with high nutrition factor. …. We supply seafood and sea fish Whole round, Gutless, Sliced , Steaks, Fillet as per our valued buyer's required ……..
fresh frozen seafood

Bangladesh Earn $437.40(Million) for 2009-2010 fiscal year by exporting Seafoods

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Recent News


New Shrimp Season ... 2013

news Full Moon Landing is start here for season first BT .... April 13, 2013

news Black Tiger shrimp's season is going to start here ...April 13, 2013

news Harina/Gray shrimp's season is going to start here ...April 13, 2013

Seafoods/brackish Water Fish (Optional)

Season of Seafood’s/ Brackish Water Fish

Details & Specification's

Black, Chinese & Silver pomfret, Indian Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Skipjack Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Eel, Squid, Cuttlefish, Sword fish, Leather jacket, Sardine, Halibut, Sea Shad etc


: Wild caught, Sea Frozen/ Land Frozen


: Bangladesh

Packing Details

: Boat Frozen/Land Frozen Bulk 10-23kg/As buyer’s requirement

Frozen Procedure

: IQF, Semi IQF /As Buyer’s requirement

Minimum Order

: 9000 Kg /One 20ft Container

Payment Terms

: LC or TT (for TT at least 30 % advance/before delivery of docs copy)


: CFR Any Port WorldWide

Whole, Gutless, Sliced/Steaks, Fillet, Head On Clean, Headless Clean

Sea/brackish Water Fish Photo

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