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We export fresh frozen White Prawn (Penaeus Indicus) all over world. Season is start from generally end of July and it's continued up to December. It will be HOSO, HLSO, PND, PUD and Cooked/ Boiled depend as per our valued buyer's requirement ……
white prawn

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White Prawn (Penaeus Indicus)


Scientific name: Penaeus indicus


Market name: Chaka, White Prawn

Australia: Banana prawn; Indian banana prawn; Red-legged

banana prawn
Germany: Hauptmannsgarnele
India: Jinga; Naran; Chapda chingri; Vella chemeen
Japan: Indo-ebi
Pakistan: Jaira; Jiaro
Iran: Banana Shrimp
U.S.A.: Indian white shrimp

Nutrition Facts



Fat Calories:


Total Fat:

1.7 g

Saturated Fat:

0.3 g


152 mg


148 mg


20.3 g

Omega 3:

0.53 g

Season of White Prawn (Chaka)

Details & Specification's

Product Name: White Prawn / Chaka

Scientific Name: Penaeus indicus

HLSO,PUD Raw & Cooked

Size: 8-12,13-15,16-20,21-30 to 90-120 pcs/kg

Source: Wild caught

Supply Ability: 200 MT/year

Price CFR (USD)




Headless Shell-on

Block Frozen/IQF

26/30 through 100/200 pcs/lb

P & D/R-PD

Block Frozen/IQF

31/40 through 70/90 pcs/lb

P & D T/ON

Block Frozen/IQF

P & D T/ON Butterfly

Block Frozen

PUD Skewer

Semi IQF


Block Frozen/IQF

41/50 through Broken pcs/lb

Cooked product can be provided as per our valued buyer’s requirement

Packing: 6x2 Kg, 6x1.8 Kg, 10x1 Kg, net weight net count, net weight frozen count with a % of Glazing or as per buyer’s choice.

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